Julia Mai - Actress
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"One of the probably softest ways to make this world a better place is art.


The art of acting means to tell stories. It is my interest in people and the variety of their stories that aroused my love for acting.


Stories have the power to go directly into peoples hearts, to touch them and maybe even cause a change in them. They create empathy, compassion and open mind and heart."


Julia Mai

Welcome to the official site of the actress Julia Mai!

How it started

My name is Julia and I was born in Lower Saxony, Germany. Growing up on the countryside, I discovered  my enthusiasm for arts very early. I spent my childhood taking classical ballet training, singing lessons, playing the piano and painting. Besides I was ever since fascinated by the magic and power of movies which created the dream in me to become an actress.


Right after I finished my highschool there was only one plan in my head: Getting out and into the big wide world! Learning new languages, discovering new cultures and places and broadening my horizon. After having four jobs at once I finally got enough funds to realise my vision of a trip around the world.


Many precious experiences and one year later I passed the admission examination of a school for dancing, singing and acting in Hamburg, Germany and began the vocational training for performing arts. I particularly became enthusiastic about acting. It is the perfect way for me to creatively express my very distinctive field of interests, my multifarious pesonality and my interest in people and their stories, all combined in one profession. With the following little film projects it was proven again and again.


As fate has ordained it brought me for private reasons to Spain, where I learned the wonderful spanish language. Besides I had to switch between different homes in Germany and Spain. Traveling to a lot of places as an actress is something that I see as a wonderful privilege of this profession.


In 2016 I successfully attended an Academy of Acting for Film in Los Angeles, California and got engaged for a leading role in a rumanian film project for which I was shooting in the cold Rumania in the beginning of 2017. The two following years I attended an acting school in Berlin where I deepened my skills and knowledge. I set the foundation of my craft from where it can now grow and develop with experience.



"On our journey through this life comes with every experience also the chance of self-knowledge, so we can become even more who we truly are."




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