October 2023

"Princess" Film Stills

April 2023

"Princess" - an LGBTQ+ Short Film about Womanhood

"Princess" is an LGBTQ+ Short Film about Womanhood by Michelle Karaivanov which is filmed in spring 2023 in London. Three women explore their identities and challenge the expectations imposed upon them. Julia plays Zo - a woman who apparently has everything under control and knows what she wants until she is faced with a tough decision.


March - August 2020

"Ku'damm 63" - Dancing through the Sixties

After the two very successful german 3-piece series "Ku'damm 56" and "Ku'damm 59" the family saga continues with its sequel "Ku'damm 63". The shooting for the series about the story of the three Schöllack-Sisters and their mother Caterina directed by Sabine Bernardi started in March 2020. Julia is playing a dancer. With ballroom dances in the dancing school Galant, wild Swing in the club and an exciting, thrilling story, "Ku'damm 63" will invite the viewer to take a journey back to the sixties.

February 2020

New Headshots

In fall 2019 Julia was shooting new headshots with the actor, filmmaker and photographer Nikola Kott in the city of Berlin. In focus are the intensity and variety of naturalness. Expressing the essence and the uniqueness of the personality as raw as possible and showing a big variety of its different colors was the theme throughout the whole shooting.

October 2019

"Letzte Spur Berlin" - Set Selfies & Behind the Scenes

September 2019

Shooting with Max Sonnenschein

In September 2019 Julia was shooting new photos with the portrait & fashion photographer Max Sonnenschein. Click the button below to see his expressive portrait photography and his unique style.

February 2019

Berlinale 2019

From February 07th to 17th the whole city of Berlin was celebrating the world of films. The international film festival 'Berlinale 2019' included many events, media receptions, award ceremonies, parties and movie premiers. One of the events that Julia attended, was the 'Max Ophüls Empfang der Saarland Medien'.

October 2018

Keep going, keep growing!

In October 2018 Julia joined the One Year Program at the Studio André Bolouri - Actors Space Berlin. The program includes intensive acting training in the Sanford Meisner Technique, movement training and body work, voice training and camera training. Because training on a regular basis is as important for an actor as it is for a singer or a musician.

May 2018

New Showreels

Finally released! In february & march 2018 Julia was shooting two german showreels in the Actors Space in Berlin. With Sylvia Schwarz as the director "Abgetrieben" (engl.: aborted) & "Jugendliebe" (engl.: puppy love) have been produced. Both reels are released in May 2018.

September 2017

"The little truth"

In October 2017 Julia will be seen in the english-rumanian Shortfilm "The little truth" (before: "Be positive"), which will be shown at the Orlando Film Festival in Florida, October 19-26. She plays the 25 years old german woman Julia.